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Changing the Economics of IT

  Are you thinking in the box? We put together this quick overview of what we have going on at 6fusion. Think about a “containerless utility” disrupting the traditional approach to IT infrastructure. Check it out…

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The WAC – A CIO’s Dream

IT consultant Victor Font shared his thoughts on the WAC in a recent blog post. Here’s a quick excerpt and link to read more: “Every Chief Information Officer (CIO) does some sort of cost allocation of IT resources, whether explicitly in a chargeback/showback model or implicitly in his or her annual budgeting process. Most often,…

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6fusion Helps Companies Optimize Their IT Infrastructure and Cloud Spend

This is an article from SandHill.com: http://sandhill.com/article/6fusion-helps-companies-optimize-their-it-infrastructure-and-cloud-spend/   Monday, May 13, 2013 JOHN COWAN, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, 6FUSION Editor’s note: Need help in migrating to the cloud? Is your company looking to optimize its IT infrastructure spend in private data centers and public cloud providers? John Cowan, co-founder and CEO of 6fusion, explains the trends in how…

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Getting IT Infrastructure is Much Easier Than Comparing IT Infrastructure These Days

By Mark Riedeman, 6fusion Director of Software Development It’s certainly a lot easier to spend money on IT Infrastructure than it used to be.  Back in the “old days” (yes, I’m old), I remember having to make a pretty good case that a new server or servers would be necessary in order to properly tackle…

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Establishing IT Infrastructure as a Fungible Commodity

By Douglas Steele, COO, 6fusion This is the third in a series of posts on cloud brokers, their role in IT infrastructure markets, and their impact on IT infrastructure as a tradable commodity. Here are links to Part I and Part II of the series. As I mentioned in my last post, there are tremendous…

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IT Metrics That Matter

By John Hawkins, Senior Cloud Architect, 6fusion Let’s agree that the mission of an IT organization is to provide an information processing capability that benefits the business, but how do you measure the success of that mission. What are the IT metrics that matter? Many IT operational metrics may make sense for any given organization.…

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