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Future of Technology: From Products to Platforms

  The only constant in life is change; predicting what that change will be and when it will happen is what we aren’t able to control (well, at least not yet!), but based on certain trends and where technology appears to be heading, we have a good idea of what to expect moving forward. While…

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PCI cloud guidelines miss the cloud security mark

By Steven Wolford, Director of Information Security, 6fusion In case you missed it, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) released the PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines Information Supplement last week. Unfortunately, they missed the mark on cloud security and added more uncertainty to an already cloudy topic (forgive the terrible pun).  A few quotes…

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IT Security Concerns for 2013

by Steven Wolford, Director of Information Security, 6fusion Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) found the IT security concerns around cloud hindered previous adoption. But now that many of the major players are strengthening their offerings the future looks bright…or does it? The sunny side of the street has shown solidification in the cloud security forecast. The…

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Is Your Organization Living Below the Information Security Poverty Line?

  By Steven Wolford, Director of Information Security, 6fusion During the season of politics here in the US, I would like to borrow shamelessly from topics in the political debate with a look towards the state of information security. According to CNN (Poverty Rate Rises as Incomes Decline), the number of US citizens living below…

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