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How SaaS Companies Keep Your Data Secure

Protecting both the physical and digital integrity of a business requires an implemented plan that outlines potential growth patterns/challenges and how they will be addressed; technology is great, as long as it’s being used effectively and is always kept up to date.

Security is always top of mind when it comes to dealing with SaaS companies, but as the technology improves, so to does the means of protecting valuable data.

‘The issue of data security entrusted to partners has grown in importance in recent years as SaaS products have started to become widely adopted across every business function. Enterprises have been gaining trust in SaaS companies with non-critical data for some time now, but what about mission critical data? What about sensitive customer data? How can a responsible corporation that cares about the security of its data, trust another company with its most critical data?

To survive and thrive, a well-run SaaS company must have a strong focus on security and data protection as a discipline. Security becomes a core competency for SaaS companies. It’s part of their value add as a strategic partner and it becomes part of their DNA. A well-run SaaS company has a strong, dedicated, and trusted security team that is solidly engaged in the security industry. Its members are often known within the security industry and are leaders in creating and improving state of the art security practices and defining industry best practices.’ (Lee Atchison, diginomica.com)

At 6fusion all of our products/services, methods and partnerships are reinforced by professional security measures to ensure all data is effectively protected. Learn more about how we can help your organization efficiently analyze and manage how IT is being used, in a safe way.

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