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IT Reliance & How It Can Affect Your Business

As the lines between the digital and business world continue to blur, the reliance on IT continues to increase. IT usage is becoming inevitable throughout all business types. One of the long term goals of any business should be to improve the efficiency of overall IT usage.  At 6fusion we’ve made it our mission to be forward thinking when it comes to IT. We created accommodating software designed specifically with this in mind.

The Quocirca October 2016 European survey ‘Masters of Machines III’ created a scale to help measure  reliance on IT with customer interaction (from absolute reliance ‘HIGHEST’ to ‘NONE’ whatsoever).

Quocirca Masters of Machines III

‘30% ranked their business in the HIGHEST-HIGH categories, whilst less than 4% rated their reliance as NONE. In-between, 38% selected LOW and 28% INTERMEDIATE. The degree of reliance varies by industry and the directness of customer interaction. Half of telecom service providers, whose customers are helpless when certain systems are down, placed themselves in the top 3 categories. Anything that directly impacts customers sets alarm bells ringing; 77% said they would increase the priority given to critical IT events that rendered systems unusable when business customers were impacted; 76% said they would do so if consumers were affected. These figures increased to 93% and 91% respectively if that interaction was happening ‘very often’.’ (Bob Tarzey, computerweekly.com)

Our proprietary software empowers our clients; we make smarter IT buyers and help IT sellers do more of what they do, faster. No matter your organizations’ current reliance on IT, we can measure, analyze and transact usage to improve overall efficiency. Read more about us and request a demo today!

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