OpenShift Collector Documentation

The 6fusion OpenShift Collector aggregates capacity and consumption metrics for the RedHat OpenShift container application platform. The collector will communicate with the OpenShift API to collect inventory and consumption metrics. Multiple OpenShift Collectors can be deployed to the same meter. The metrics collected will be sent to the meter for processing and aggregation.

Deploying from the Meter Dashboard

The OpenShift Collector requires an OpenShift environment to be deployed into. Currently, the 6fusion Meter only supports deploying plugins into Kubernetes environments. However, the meter dashboard provides an option to facilitate deploying the collector into an OpenShift environment: a Remote Installer option.

Remote Installer
Figure 1. Remote Installer

Steps to deploy

  1. Fill in the required Infrastructure Name and OpenShift Domain fields

  2. Click Remote Installer. This will trigger two events:

    • An OpenShift-compatible yaml file will be downloaded by your browser to your local file system

    • A dialog with deployment instructions will appear

Remote Installer Dialog
Figure 2. Remote Installer Dialog
  1. Follow the instructions in the dialog.

A link is provided near the bottom-left of the dialog, to simplify copying the script content.
  1. Once you are finished, click outside of the dialog to dismiss it.

Plugin Configuration

If your 6fusion Meter is not deployed within your OpenShift cluster, you must ensure the 6fusion Meter API is accessible to your OpenShift environment’s network on port 443. This is necessary for the collector to communicate with the meter.

OpenShift Settings

Field Description

Infrastructure Name

A unique name to be applied to the OpenShift cluster. This will allow you to distinguish between applications deployed to different OpenShift environments.

OpenShift Domain

The domain of your OpenShift Dedicated Cluster. For example, if your OpenShift console is accessible at, you would enter here.

Advanced Settings

Log Level

Verbosity of the collector logs

Use SSL?

Access Kubernetes API over SSL

Verify SSL?

Verify Kubernetes SSL certificate. Do not enable if using self-signed certificates.

Kubelet Port

Port the Kubernetes API pod is listening on

Docker Cgroup namespace

Data Age Period

Age period of data for clean cache. Must be in minutes.

Default LAN I/O

A fallback value for LAN I/O speed per node, if the collector cannot determine the actual LAN speed.

Default WAN I/O

A fallback value for WAN I/O speed per node, if the collector cannot determine the actual WAN speed.

Default Disk I/O

A fallback value for disk I/O speed per node, if the collector cannot determine the actual disk speed.

Meter Settings

Field Description

Advanced Setings

Organization ID

Unique ID of the 6fusion Meter Organization to submit inventory under.

OAuth Token

OAuth Token for accessing the 6fusion Meter. Leave blank if not enabled.


Address of the 6fusion Meter


Port of the 6fusion Meter API

Use SSL?

Access the 6fusion Meter over SSL

Verify SSL?

Verify Meter API SSL certifciate. Do not enable if using self-signed certificates.