6fusion OpenShift Collector Plugin

Containerized IT Financial Intelligence for your services and applications.

The 6fusion OpenShift Collector measures your applications’ consumption of IT capacity, using a standard unit-of-measure for IT infrastructure. With OpenShift, you can quickly build, develop, and deploy applications on nearly any public-or-private infrastructure.

Analyze Your Consumption

  • Measure the consumption of containers powering your applications
  • Optimize the applications that power your business
  • Interpret consumption by service or by Docker image:
    What’s your highest-used service? What’s your most-used software solution?

Deliver Consumption Reporting

  • Create consumption reports used for billing, cost recovery or showback
  • Increase capital efficiency, achieved through your containerization strategy
  • Govern your software licensing approach through consumption monitoring

For installation or other technical support for the 6fusion OpenShift Collector plugin, please contact 6fusion at support@6fusion.com.