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Network Ecosystems

In life, all things are connected in some way, shape or fashion; on the surface, it may not always appear this way, but the moment you delve deeper to examine the intricacies of relationships, it becomes easier to see how different elements are reliant on one another in order to maintain themselves, as well as to grow and flourish into something new.

Businesses follow the same pattern, especially if technology plays a large role in regular operations and processes. Digital supply chains will create new business models and drive transparency.

‘The supply chain, as the name suggests, was the creation of a world of linear thinking. Even today, its logic – from the upstream sourcing of components to the distribution of final products – remains very linear. However, a combination of forces is now beginning to emerge that is fundamentally shifting the supply chain from a linear logic to a more networked and systemic logic.

Machines and processes are merging through digitization. Data captured from the performance of machines can restructure their processes. In turn, the output of processes can be used to inform the future behaviour of the machines involved.

Until today, supply chains have worked as tightly linked, contractually organized entities. But as most of the supply chain becomes digitized, we will see the rise of more fluid processes, entirely new revenue models, and eventually, the creation of supplier ecosystems that benefit from network effects.

As supply chains move to platform-enabled ecosystems, we will start seeing demand-side economies of scale – the rise of network effects – as better coordination across an ecosystem and better reputation management will attract even better suppliers, leading to a more robust supplier ecosystem.’ (source: platformed.info)

6fusion was founded in 2010 as a consequence of a simple observation: The IT supply chain should be treated like a Utility – ubiquitous, pervasive, and absolutely (price) transparent. We embrace technological evolution and use our proprietary software and methods to improve how businesses are able to function and grow. Contact us to learn more.

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