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The Next Big Thing in IT Procurement is Consumption Financing

The allure of the cloud has grabbed all of our attention.  The notion of tapping into unlimited compute resources and only pay as you use it.  What could be better?  Imagine if you could still retain your own private hardware but also pay as you use it…the best of both worlds, right?  Too good to…

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Head in the Clouds: Embracing the Digital Landscape

The ‘cloud enabled’ world that we work and play in has simplified and streamlined many routine processes. When it comes to business in particular, an optimized digital environment can stimulate growth, which can elevate how your organization accomplishes tasks. Our products are designed to work within the cloud, but if your business isn’t already taking…

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Analytics & Better Financial Security

In this modern era, information is all around us and is easily accessible. However, it’s knowing how to curate said information, and filter out the unnecessary so only the factual/useful remains which is crucial. Business growth comes from being able to comprehend how the organization is utilizing resources, and assessing the most effective way to…

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How 6fusion Analytics Improves Business Intelligence

The internet is a vast and complex space; readily available information is constantly being transmitted and communicated between businesses and people as quickly as the modern technology used to support it will allow. When it comes to understanding what this information means and how it can apply to the effectiveness of your particular organization, using…

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IT Governance

The best way to understand how something is functioning is to have a clear understanding of all of the components that make up the particular thing in question. From a vehicle to your home’s HVAC equipment, the more you understand the intricacies of how a system is supposed to operate, the more you’ll be able…

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Future of Technology: From Products to Platforms

  The only constant in life is change; predicting what that change will be and when it will happen is what we aren’t able to control (well, at least not yet!), but based on certain trends and where technology appears to be heading, we have a good idea of what to expect moving forward. While…

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Information Transparency: The other IT

It’s been said that the average person only uses 10% of their total brain potential, and the incredible achievements which have been made (and continue to be made) changed the world. Imagine if we were able to readily tap into that underused 90% and what that could mean for the many facets of our lives,…

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