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Data Streaming & Benefits to your Business

We’re in the era of now; having readily available access to data is important for the growth and evolution of businesses. The shift in how certain industry models operate has been most apparent in music. Services designed to stream music have changed the way content is consumed, and also how achievements (i.e certifications, sales, etc.)…

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The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

As an organization, having visibility (and being viewed the right way) is important. How your business operates in a changing technological landscape reflects how data for critical decisions is being acquired and managed. A more efficient system in place that supports your business helps to ensure that those decisions are made as confidently as possible.…

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Understanding & Optimizing the Value of Business Data

As time progresses, the impact which the current digital era has on business continues to be felt by organizations of every industry. From small business to big enterprise (regardless of what the product/service offerings) leaders are better comprehending the value of data. This information can help forecast the future of their business and facilitate growth.…

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How Neural Networks Promote Business Progression

  The human brain is extremely complex, so much so that we still don’t understand it’s full capacity and capabilities. A neural network is defined as “a computer model designed to simulate the behavior of biological neural networks, as in pattern recognition, language processing, and problem solving, with the goal of self-directed information processing.” (source:…

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IT Reliance & How It Can Affect Your Business

As the lines between the digital and business world continue to blur, the reliance on IT continues to increase. IT usage is becoming inevitable throughout all business types. One of the long term goals of any business should be to improve the efficiency of overall IT usage.  At 6fusion we’ve made it our mission to…

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Network Ecosystems

In life, all things are connected in some way, shape or fashion; on the surface, it may not always appear this way, but the moment you delve deeper to examine the intricacies of relationships, it becomes easier to see how different elements are reliant on one another in order to maintain themselves, as well as…

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Setting Industry Standards for Supply Chain Management

As technology continues to evolve, businesses of different industries are becoming more comfortable exploring options designed to best optimize their processes, and manage their supply chain. An example of this is the pharmaceutical industry. ‘One area in which the ability to record data in a tamper-proof and transparent way is the sprawling and complex pharmaceutical…

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