IT Financial Baseline

6fusion delivers a comprehensive IT financial baseline across your entire IT estate, whether you operate private data centers, managed cloud services or you consume public clouds, like AWS or others.

The IT Kilowatt

Nobody really knows the true cost (Buyers) or value (Sellers) of IT in the supply chain because there is no standardized way to quantify or measure it like other Utilities. Standardization is the mother of transparency, and transparency is the foundation for any modern system for analytics and action.

6fusion is leading the way with the industry’s first standardized, vendor agnostic capacity and consumption metric for the IT supply chain: The Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC).

The kWAC enables a shift – a shift to a more educated buyer, with more tools to measure efficiency, improved cost understanding and allocation, and optimized planning tools that radically improves the IT supply chain.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Platform

6fusion’s universal meter for IT is designed to plug and play with all of your relevant data sources necessary to feed our analytics engine. Using an open architecture design, it ingests inputs about cost, capacity, consumption and business logic (Collectors) that serve as discovery, computing kWAC standardized scoring and storing the results and serving them up as outputs to the 6fusion Analytics engine.


Informing The Financial Conversation

By simplifying your IT Financial Efficiency conversation, 6fusion helps you determine calculated actions to improve efficiency and communicate across the organization. This drives the financial equation. Answer questions like:

  • Should I buy assets and software or rent them?
  • Could I get a better deal from my supplier(s)?
  • Can I recover capital budgets?
  • How should I influence the behavior of my users?
  • Can I eliminate waste?
  • How should I justify my actions to my peers/superiors?

6fusion Benefits

Cost Effective
Unlike bloated enterprise software and expensive consultants our solution won’t break the bank.
Easy to Deploy
Initial baseline requires no software installation and no service disruptions.
Deep Drill Downs
Slice and dice your baseline data by infrastructure, platform, system tags, user or even geography.
Calculate Waste
IT is a perishable commodity find out how much wasted resources effects your financial efficiency.
Compare and contrast baselines against internal infrastructures or even public cloud price indices.
Measure Progress
Compare the results of your moves, adds, or changes with real time efficiency data benchmarking.