Intuitive Analytics For The Utility Era

6fusion turns raw data into powerful supply chain intelligence by applying modern analytics technology and practices to deliver meaningful benchmarks, comparisons and KPI’s that bridge the gap between Finance and Operations to save you time and money, whether you are a buyer or seller.

Because Software Development is the new Procurement Department

As application services abstract farther away from underlying infrastructure, the harder it gets for developers, operators, and finance to have meaningful conversations about supply chain efficiency. 6fusion for cloud native services discovers your hosts, capacity, all your containers, and application services in real time. We provide the full view of resources consumed over time from the infrastructure layer up through your containers and even your project layer.


  • True utility analytics
  • Data granularity
  • Manage App Costs
  • Chargeback ready
  • Organizational transparency
  • Gamify app efficiency

Ultimate Price Transparency

Many software companies today like to think they can deliver IT financial benchmarks, but only 6fusion delivers true cost and price transparency. 6fusion unleashes the power to compare the financial efficiency of internal apps and infrastructures head to head as well as to external market prices.


  • Multiple execution venues
  • Real time KPI’s
  • Rich data sort and segmentation
  • Fully exportable data
  • Inform optimization strategies
  • Compare against your peers

Make The Right Decision With Confidence

Platforms like Zillow (residential real estate) and CarFax (automobiles) use the power of market data to help you buy or sell efficiently. 6fusion delivers similar critical market information symmetry, empowering you to tip the balance of power in your favor when it comes to buying or selling IT assets.


  • Algorithmic matching
  • Post transaction decision support
  • What if scenario planning
  • Vendor agnostic
  • IT refresh planning
  • Negotiate with real market data

6fusion Benefits

Get an apples to apples break down and comparison of all your options.
Decision Support
Measure the quality of your design before, during, and after, your procurement process.
What If Planning
Model out your business scenarios and forecast impacts to capacity and cost in real time.
Hybrid Cloud
Find the right balance and mix of private and public cloud resources to meet your growing and changing needs.
Vendor Agnostic
Our platform and technology doesn’t pick favourites and it works with any vendor systems you choose.
Standardized Process
Keep the entire organization on the same page throughout even the most complicated procurement cycle.