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IaaS Selection Process at SotoNets

I had a great conversation recently with a 6fusion customer Leo Soto from SotoNets, a cloud service provider, about his decision-making process in selecting an IaaS solution for their cloud backup service. Here are a few notes from that discussion:

What were the primary business problems or opportunities that caused you to look for an IaaS solution? 

When we were ready to enter the cloud backup service space, we needed an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering that would offer security, easy deployment of workloads and a true utility model for resource usage. Cloud backup is resource intensive activity that requires a safe and secure data center environment.


Who did you evaluate for this solution?

We evaluated Amazon, Rackspace, Artisan Infrastructure and 6fusion. 6fusion was the only platform where we could:
·         Manage our costs
·         Have control of the infrastructure in a transparent way through an easy-to-use console
·         Place our data vault in a SAS-70 certified data center
·         Have a personal relationship to help us solve problems


What business problems are you solving? 

I can now accurate manage infrastructure costs while offering a secure and reliable infrastructure. The utility computing model allows us to approach customers with a unique offering. SMBs are embracing the opportunity, while Enterprises have been more cautious in doing so. Still, the idea of discussing IaaS opens the doors and allows us to start the conversation with potential customers. The metering technology has been a fantastic tool to start the discussion and to provide the customer with information relevant to the budgeting process.


What has been the impact to your business solving those business problems? 

The biggest impact has been on cost control. The utility-metered IaaS from 6fusion allows us to pay only for what we use, not what we provision or expect to use.

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