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Head in the Clouds: Embracing the Digital Landscape

The ‘cloud enabled’ world that we work and play in has simplified and streamlined many routine processes. When it comes to business in particular, an optimized digital environment can stimulate growth, which can elevate how your organization accomplishes tasks.

Our products are designed to work within the cloud, but if your business isn’t already taking advantage of the benefits of this service, now may be the time to consider it! Here are some of the key considerations to make for your business before making the shift to the cloud:

Business impact. I would not start with an application that is mission critical for my business. If you are from a retail segment, do not put your e-commerce first; get more experience before moving that workload. Try moving the less critical applications like email servers, intranets, departmental applications and more.

Security. Validate if the cloud vendor supports any regulations or security constraints required from your business.

Data hosting. Depending on your country, you are not allowed to host your data outside your country. Make sure your vendor has a cloud data center nearby.’ (Reynaldo Mincov Junior, ibm.com)

Making the move to the cloud is one that requires thorough consideration and the consultation of professionals that can ensure everything is done as effectively and seamlessly as possible. The more your business is able to embrace elements of the modern digital work environment, the more so you’ll be able to facilitate the best type of growth.

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