A Better Way to Buy and Sell IT

In an era where transparency shines a light on efficiency and the cost of IT capacity and supply directly impacts profitability, the need to maximize the capital recovery of assets has never been greater. 6fusion developed the first digital marketplace for buying and selling, empowering businesses to understand the value of their assets, recoup budget by selling surplus inventory and source certified, refurbished equipment at a fair market price.

Improve your return on surplus IT capacity

Traditional IT asset disposition models typically yield very low return. Leverage 6fusion’s trusted capital recovery process – from identifying surplus assets to listing and selling them on our global trading platform for buyer’s and sellers. Customers improve ability to change direction mid-lifecycle and can improve return on fully or partially depreciated assets.


  • Guaranteed asset sales
  • Save valuable budget
  • Asset data integrity
  • Buy certified pre-owned vs new infrastructure
  • Leverage cloud contract brokers
  • Streamlined process

Procure your on premises infrastructure on consumption

By 2020 more than 80% of IT services will be purchased on consumption. Consumption based financing by 6fusion harnesses the power the Utility so buyers and sellers can transact traditional on-premise IT infrastructure solutions in neutral, standardized, “pay as you consume” model.


  • Zero or partial risk billing options
  • Auditless inspection of consumption data
  • Integrated monthly invoicing
  • Seamless internal chargeback
  • Price indexing vs the Cloud
  • True cost – consumption alignment

Buy your cloud contract on the open market

6fusion unlocks excess cloud compute capacity for Cloud Service Providers, giving buyers access to high performance cloud services that match your precise requirements. Why pay retail rates when you can make the cloud market compete for your business?


  • Up to 80% savings
  • Quality controlled supply – members only
  • Auditless billing inspection
  • Compare multiple options to find your best fit
  • Full chargeback data integration
  • Cloud migration experts to help you move to the cloud

6fusion Benefits

Price Discovery
Take control of your disposition process by organizing buyers auction style, enabled with 6fusion Price Discovery (™).
ITAD Services
Includes full IT asset disposition service options, including certified data destruction.
Reduce your budget for new assets by buying certified pre-owned infrastructure from trusted after-market solution providers.
Certified Pre-Owned
Certified Marketplace Hardware Vendor program for approved after market sellers delivers full featured solutions, enabled by 6fusion - not just parts for sale.
Integrate and customize your procurement and disposition workflows into the overall system.
List your assets and sell them to the highest bidder auction style.