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Containerized IT Financial Intelligence: OEM & Enterprise

Containerized platform solutions matter. Recent research indicates that they can reduce their IT infrastructure and development platform costs by 38%*.

Our Cloud Native App Metering provides effective service tailored to specific groups.

For OEMs, Resellers & Partners it is able to:

– Analyze containerized consumption of IT infrastructure (ie: by application, by service or by Docker image)

– Deliver containerized consumption reporting, used for billing, cost recovery and software licensing governance.

Enterprise clients will be able to have the same type of access and control, while being able to get their specific applications into production much faster, allowing their customers to get more efficient service.

Containerized Metering
As application services abstract further-away from underlying infrastructure, it gets harder for developers, operators, and finance to have meaningful-insights into optimized asset utilization. 6fusion services discover your customers’ hosts, capacity, containers, and application services, and delivers them in real time. We provide the full-view of resources consumed: from the infrastructure layer, up through your containers and projects. The outcome: a single,
standardized approach to measuring consumption of IT infrastructure gets unleashed across your customers’ hybrid cloud and on-premise assets.

Included: A Collector, Meter & Reporting Dashboard
Unlocking your metering insights begins with our 6fusion Collector: once-connected into your platform’s API, it sends capacity (ie: inventory) and consumption metrics into our meter**. Multiple collectors can be deployed into the same meter, and remote-install options are available.. The metrics collected will be sent to the meter for processing and aggregation.

Contact us to learn more about how our containerized metering solutions for better IT financial intelligence can help your business today.

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