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Better Data Comprehension with Requis

Do you have extra things in your house that you don’t need or use?  That’s a waste of money. Imagine if you were a business holding onto large amounts of equipment in a warehouse you don’t use, or may never use, that’s just wasted capital sitting there.

Gathering data is one thing – making sense of it is another. 6fusion’s reporting & analytics capabilities are designed to allow you to do more than just view data – to help you truly make sense of it. 6fusion has developed a comprehensive set of reporting & analytics capabilities and professional services designed to help you gain insight into IT infrastructure consumption from both a technical and economic perspective, thus enabling you to make more educated allocation and investment decisions going forward.

Requis helps drive down costs and improve efficiencies. ‘Requis can serve as a virtual warehouse for a company wanting to trade equipment across of its warehouses and operations; it also enables the creation of a virtual warehouse across an entire field, allowing various companies and partners to pool resources. SAP software-compatible data tools were developed for Requis to include all data associated with that equipment such as warranties, specs, data sheets, certifications, audits and purchase order agreements. The data is pulled, cleaned and structured, and tagged to a piece of equipment. This platform allows users to find documentation and other paperwork related to each piece of equipment.’ (Velda Addison, epmag.com)

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