About 6fusion

6fusion was founded in 2010 as a consequence of a simple observation: The IT supply chain should be treated like a Utility – ubiquitous, pervasive, and absolutely (price) transparent. But there was just one problem. There was no universal metric for a transaction.

The Kilowatt for IT Capacty and Consumption

We were trained to understand the ‘server’ as the logical billing unit. But the founders recognized that this wouldn’t work in the era of computing delivered to business in a similar fashion as, say, electricity.

The supply chain would need a single unit of measure that could transcend politics, production, language and proprietary invention. This challenge sparked an entire IT Economics movement and lead 6fusion co-founders John Cowan and Delano Seymour to an elegantly simple yet powerful solution: the Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC).

The kWAC established the first true ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison for IT infrastructure. Taking this algorithmic approach to measurement, analysis and buying or selling, 6fusion enables the supply chain Buy, Operate, and Sell IT just like any other Utility.