What Does The Market Think

Hey don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the market has to say about 6fusion, our vision for the IT utility, and our technology:

Owen Rogers, 451 Research

“Comparing best execution venues is a challenge, what with different performance characteristics, price methods and costs. Enterprises want to understand and optimize their consumption – the WAC provides a suitable way of doing this.”

Lynda Stadtmueller, Frost & Sullivan   

“6fusion’s WAC is the closest thing the industry has to a common unit of measurement.”

John Jeff Roberts, GigaOm

“…the creation of these common metrics means companies can now use forward or futures contracts, based in WAC’s, to exercise more control over IT costs, which represent a growing percentage of many corporate budgets.”

Joe McKendrick, ZDNET

“[6fusion] could keep the pressure on cloud providers to keep prices in line… In addition, there may be opportunities for enterprises with large-scale IT assets. Many organizations have excess computing capacity within their own data centers, and this could open the door to assigning real economic value to their systems. Huge investments in under-utilized systems that is only used a few times a year may be recouped if excess capacity could be sold off to such a spot market.”

Reuven Cohen, Forbes

“A marketplace for electricity, for example, can resolve all the different methods of generation (hydro, solar, nuclear etc) into a simple measure, the kilowatt-hour. IaaS on the other hand, has no such simple unit of measure. There is no “compute-hour” or “storage-block” that we all accept as standard. This is becoming ever more the case as vendors (most notably AWS) move further up the stack and deliver differentiated services on top of simple compute and storage.”

Brandon Butler, Network World

“For cloud computing providers, [6fusion created] a whole new marketplace where their services are sold. Introducing these new trading mechanisms in a future’s exchange would allow providers to sell out a year’s worth of use for their data center before ever even laying a brick.”

Bryan Durkin, CME Group Chief Operating Officer

“CME Group wants to provide customers the opportunity to hedge risk in the growing cloud computing industry. CME Group’s experience with new products and technological expertise makes the company an ideal candidate to innovate in this space and we’re happy to work with 6fusion to go to market.”

William Fellows, 451 Research

“6fusion’s metering capability and existing retail marketplace together with CME’s experience is a strong combination. The ability to use any technology to manage workloads between providers abstracts the virtual machine from the contract, thereby reaching a greater addressable market.”

Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics

“Given that you have risk volatility, unpredictability, and moreover that hedging or managing that risk is absolutely essential to customers, which may or may not be the IT shop, it may be the CFO organization…given that the basic conditions are there and given there are market participants already there, I would say this train has already left the station.”

Vince Kellen, University of Kentucky

“I’m on the buyers side saying I wish I had more options available to me from a futures standpoint and an option standpoint because we have a lot of uncertainty in our future needs. The government is saying we’ll give you this, but you have to triple your compute capacity in 2 weeks and sorry if you can’t, you’re off the planet. I have a one in five chance in winning, with 4 other universities bidding, at least we could exchange an option to the winner.”