The Universal Meter for IT Infrastructure

The 6fusion Meter is at the heart of what we do at 6fusion. Our metering technology is designed to scale to support businesses of all sizes and types, regardless of your technology stack, vendor, or platform. It’s purpose is simple –  convert your capacity, consumption and cost metrics into a unified cost per unit measured by the industry standard kWAC.

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How does the meter work?

The lightweight, low profile software ships as either a software application to be installed on a VM in your environment, or as a pre-packaged vSphere virtual appliance.  The meter provides a powerful API or pre-built Collectors for third party systems, empowering you to collect raw capacity, configuration, cost, and consumption data from virtually any source on your network.

With the power of the Meter unlocked, 6fusion gives you the freedom and choice to visualize your data in a rich native UI, or subscribe to 6fusion Online to have your data available anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection and a web browser.

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