Information is power, but intelligence is control. In the modern world of IT planning, delivery and support it’s not enough to simply know what you have and what you paid for it. You need IT Financial Intelligence in order to understand your efficiency and to take action to improve it.

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The Connected Utility Ecosystem

6fusion helps customers treat IT like a utility across the entire lifecycle– buy, operate, and sell:



6fusion is redefining the way IT is purchased and consumed. Much like the kWh is the billing metric for your electricity consumption, the kWAC is the billing metric for IT consumption.

In the connected utility ecosystem you can acquire traditional converged and superconverged infrastructure systems with an innovative new 100% Opex on demand financing model. Take delivery of the hardware, but pay only as you consume, measured in kWAC units, creating a true utility service that aligns cost to value.

Infrastructure is a utility, and so can be traded transparently on the open market. 6fusion powers new IaaS cloud Marketplaces that give you unprecedented insight into market price transparency and to buy infrastructure as a utility – by the kWAC, in a pay as you go model.


6fusion’s technology and data services offer IT owners and operators an unmatched capability to control efficiency and improve transparency. From measuring efficiency, to creating unparalleled transparency into cost of consumption, 6fusion will help you better understand how your organization consumes IT resources, establish key measurements for efficiency and cost performance, and clear, effective, and measurable plans for improvement.


One of the significant opportunities to “do more with less” that IT organizations haven’t been able to fully capitalize on is the ability to recover budget from end of life infrastructure. The 6fusion Marketplace is designed to give you a new set of tools and options when it comes to retiring partially or fully amortized infrastructure.