Requis IT

Requis IT is an online commerce platform to organize the surplus IT Infrastructure market. 6fusion IT Financial Analytics creates the intelligence to make smarter financial decisions. Requis IT provides the optimal marketplace to carry out those financial decisions whether you are a buyer or a seller.



Improve your return on surplus IT infrastructure capacity by up to 500% by tapping into Requis IT powered by 6fusion.

In an era where transparency shines a light on efficiency and the cost of IT directly impacts profitability, the need to maximize the capital recovery of IT assets has never been greater. Requis IT was the first online marketplace for buying and selling IT hardware, empowering businesses to understand the value of their IT assets, recoup budget by selling surplus infrastructure and source certified, refurbished equipment at a fair market price. We are building the world’s most connected IT Marketplace.


CIO: Don’t leave money on the table. Recover budget to help you fund your next big project.

Procurement: Not every project needs the latest and greatest IT hardware, so why pay premium dollars? Find certified refurbished infrastructure that can lower your cost dramatically.

CFO: A fully depreciated asset does not mean zero value. Requis IT improves your balance sheet.

IT Operations: IT lifecycle is no longer linear. It is continuous. Tap Requis IT to help you understand the optimal time to refresh your IT hardware.

Key Values

Price Discovery
Take control of your IT disposition process by organizing buyers auction style, enabled with 6fusion Price Discovery (™).
ITAD Services
Includes full ITAD service options, including certified data destruction
Reduce your budget for new hardware assets by buying certified pre-owned infrastructure from trusted after-market solution providers.
Certified Pre-Owned
Certified Marketplace Hardware Vendor program for approved after market sellers delivers full featured IT solutions, enabled by 6fusion - not just IT parts for sale.
Integrate and customize your procurement and disposition workflows into the overall system.
List your assets and sell them to the highest bidder auction style.
Market Value
Vendor Catalogue