Nobody really knows the true cost (buyers) or value (sellers) of IT because there is no standard way to measure it like other utilities. Standardization is the mother of transparency, and transparency is the foundation for any modern system for analytics and action.

6fusion is leading this effort with the industry’s first standardized, vendor agnostic consumption metric for the IT utility – The Workload Allocation Cube(kWAC).

6fusion Online is the industry’s first true IT financial intelligence platform - purpose built to make smarter IT buyers, sellers and operators.

6fusion Online is a cloud hosted SaaS, that aggregates the data collected by your 6fusion Meters and turns it into powerful insights your organization can act on. True insights into your heterogeneous infrastructure; across physical, virtual, public, and private cloud infrastructures. Information that is normalized using our consumption proxy – the Workload Allocation Cube(kWAC) – ensuring that the data is normalized, comparable, and meaningful.

CIO: Track the KPI’s that matter most to your business – in real time, all the time, at your fingertips.

CFO: Decision support that doesn’t end after you write the check for IT hardware, software, or cloud computing services.

Procurement: Modern tools to plan for what you need, where you need it, and at the price you should pay for it.

IT Operations: The business can pivot demands on a dime, so we’ve included tools to help you plan and optimize the same way.

IT Financial Managers: Total Cost of Ownership is dead. What the business cares about is Total Cost of Consumption. Find your true cost to IT.

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Key Values

Create a standardized baseline for your IT financial efficiency and measure the quality of every decision, in real time.
Compare IT financial efficiency by infrastructure, owner, platform, operating systems or even geography.
Plan your IT requirements based on the real time demand across your organization, forcing vendors and suppliers to ‘right size’ and price-tune to suit your needs.
Integrate 6fusion generated data with your existing business intelligence and reporting systems with simple exports or advanced API connections.
Optimize IT financial efficiency by drilling down to resource and machine levels to find opportunities to improve by reducing waste and surplus capacity.
Transform your IT chargeback strategy by moving to pure utility style billing and reporting
All Infrastructures Efficiency
Head to Head Infrastructure Comparison
Infrastructure Modeling & Planning
Cost by Tag Reporting