When 6fusion announced the release of the Open Market Framework in June of 2013, we described our intentions thusly:

“The Open Market Framework is designed to extend 6fusion’s metering capabilities beyond pre-packaged integrations with specific platforms to enable anyone to integrate with 6fusion metering via open source technology.”

A universal meter for IT. Anytime, anywhere, any platform.

1. Set Up Organization

2. Configure Plugins

3. Customize settings

What were we describing in 2013 was a technical vision to match our strategic vision of an open, interchangeable marketplace for IT infrastructure.  The meter is the technical core of 6fusion’s unique ability to help the IT supply chain gain efficiency.  As such, it’s design, scalability and pliability are all central themes that Product Management continuously improves upon.

Great investment has been made since the announcement of the OMF to simplify the meter.  Think of the 6fusion meter like the carburetor of the 6fusion Financial intelligence and transaction enablement engine.  And its design is intended to reflect this, by simply taking inputs about cost, capacity, consumption and business logic (Collectors) that serve as discovery, computing the inputs (WAC Calculation/Analytics Engine) and storing the results with a view to serving them up as outputs (Connectors) to third party systems, such as 6fusion Online.

6fusion’s Metering system is open for any third party to develop Collector integration. You can find out more about Collectors at our Github repository here.

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