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Measure, Analyze & Transact: The 3 Pillars of Supply Chain

No matter how complex something may appear on the surface, it can always be broken down into more easily understood and digestible pieces. Modern IT delivery models have made the IT supply chain inefficient; our approach to helping organizations comprehend the TCC (Total Cost of Consumption) is by embracing three important pillars: measure, analyze and transact.

The better your initial plan before execution, the greater potential results will be for your organization.

‘The focus on automation in planning is increasing and will continue to increase. However, this has to take place in the context of empowering planners and significantly augmenting their productivity to handle activities with larger scope and with higher levels of cognition that can drive strategic value for business. When done in a thoughtful and deliberate manner, automation initiatives can significantly benefit planners who are willing to adapt and change, and organizations as a whole.

With automated “concurrent planning” as the core foundation, planners bring in the art form by creating scenarios to support the increasingly dynamic nature of their supply chains, truly enabling business value. Running the scenarios and generating scores is done by the machines in near real-time. Planners can now share these scenarios with their colleagues within the enterprise or with external partners across their network to drive system wide benefits, thus bringing in the best of human-machine collaboration.’ (source: kinaxis.com)

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