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Future of Technology: From Products to Platforms

  The only constant in life is change; predicting what that change will be and when it will happen is what we aren’t able to control (well, at least not yet!), but based on certain trends and where technology appears to be heading, we have a good idea of what to expect moving forward. While…

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Information Transparency: The other IT

It’s been said that the average person only uses 10% of their total brain potential, and the incredible achievements which have been made (and continue to be made) changed the world. Imagine if we were able to readily tap into that underused 90% and what that could mean for the many facets of our lives,…

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Financial Efficiency for your Business: Understanding Fixed and Variable Costs

The way in which money is managed (regardless of the amount) can make all the difference regarding how financial success is achieved and maintained. The concept of financial literacy is an important and effective life skill (which should be taught as a regular course in school, but we digress); when someone knows how to best…

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Nicus Software Adopts 6fusion kWAC Standard for IT Economic Efficiency; eBay among Enterprise Users

Nicus M-PWR with 6fusion integration creates a common apples-to-apples language for IT Finance and Operations that provides the first truly consumption based comparison of IT spend. By combining 6fusion’s standardized kWAC (Workload Allocation Cube) meter data with Nicus M-PWR analytics and granular tracking, customers can achieve full IT economic transparency, and provide their internal clients…

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6fusion Acquires Global IT Hardware Marketplace

RALEIGH, NC, March 25 — 6fusion, the company that helps companies operate IT like a true Utility, today announced it has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (“APA”) with MarkITx, a global IT hardware marketplace, pursuant to which 6fusion will acquire substantially all of MarkITx assets. MarkITx built technology to help businesses understand the value…

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6fusion announces Advisory Group for IT Economic Benchmarking

6fusion, the company delivering IT financial intelligence for the Enterprise market, is pleased to announce it’s new Advisory Group for IT Economic Benchmarking. The Advisory Group, launched at the TBM 2015 Conference in Chicago, is chartered with creating standard benchmarks for IT Economics that will enable critical transparency and market insight among Enterprise organizations adopting…

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6fusion International partners with ICIx

  New Delhi, August 19, 2015- 6fusion International today announced the formation of 6fusion Online India Pvt Ltd in conjunction with India Compute Interchange (ICIx), the financial marketplace for India to trade compute resources. 6fusion standardized the economic measurement of IT infrastructure and cloud services, which provides IT economic transparency to the global market. 6fusion’s…

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