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Measure, Analyze & Transact: The 3 Pillars of Supply Chain

No matter how complex something may appear on the surface, it can always be broken down into more easily understood and digestible pieces. Modern IT delivery models have made the IT supply chain inefficient; our approach to helping organizations comprehend the TCC (Total Cost of Consumption) is by embracing three important pillars: measure, analyze and…

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Improving TCO through Cloud Based Informatics

Knowledge is power, and understanding how to use that information effectively can help to improve the way your business functions. As more businesses utilize the capabilities of cloud computing, the opportunity for growth while spending money more efficiently has never been greater. “Many companies are looking to lower costs and become more productive in operational…

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Partner Profile: HyperGrid

We are the sum of our parts; what makes the 6fusion brand successful are our wonderful clients that deserve the best products/services to make their businesses thrive, our team of hardworking professionals dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to achieve the best, and finally our great partners that help us throughout the journey.…

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Organizing IT for Better Financial Decisions

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail; an old saying that continues to hold true. Creating a plan doesn’t only create a way to stay organized, it essentially lays down a path of success which merely needs to be followed explicitly in order to achieve certain results. The more mindful an organization is…

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How Technology Better Connects Physical & Digital World

The impact of technology on the world is in constant transition; the capabilities of technology continue to push personal and business potential to new heights. When it comes to business in particular, the right software can better connect and track the processes of both the physical and digital movements being made. Tech that is able…

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The Next Big Thing in IT Procurement is Consumption Financing

The allure of the cloud has grabbed all of our attention.  The notion of tapping into unlimited compute resources and only pay as you use it.  What could be better?  Imagine if you could still retain your own private hardware but also pay as you use it…the best of both worlds, right?  Too good to…

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Head in the Clouds: Embracing the Digital Landscape

The ‘cloud enabled’ world that we work and play in has simplified and streamlined many routine processes. When it comes to business in particular, an optimized digital environment can stimulate growth, which can elevate how your organization accomplishes tasks. Our products are designed to work within the cloud, but if your business isn’t already taking…

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