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Network Ecosystems

In life, all things are connected in some way, shape or fashion; on the surface, it may not always appear this way, but the moment you delve deeper to examine the intricacies of relationships, it becomes easier to see how different elements are reliant on one another in order to maintain themselves, as well as…

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Setting Industry Standards for Supply Chain Management

As technology continues to evolve, businesses of different industries are becoming more comfortable exploring options designed to best optimize their processes, and manage their supply chain. An example of this is the pharmaceutical industry. ‘One area in which the ability to record data in a tamper-proof and transparent way is the sprawling and complex pharmaceutical…

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Technology & Business Transformation

Technology and business have always been closely linked, and as we move into 2018 and beyond, the strength between the two will only continue to grow. The influence technology has on positive business growth is evident, and as technology continues to improve, that growth can be further harnessed and tailored to the particular industry your…

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Containerized IT Financial Intelligence: OEM & Enterprise

Containerized platform solutions matter. Recent research indicates that they can reduce their IT infrastructure and development platform costs by 38%*. Our Cloud Native App Metering provides effective service tailored to specific groups. For OEMs, Resellers & Partners it is able to: – Analyze containerized consumption of IT infrastructure (ie: by application, by service or by…

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6fusion and Red Hat Solve for Financial Management of Containers

Solving the Development Velocity and Scalability of Container Technology Our software team began to use Container technology in a material way inside 6fusion nearly two years ago. Almost immediately, we recognized a significant downstream financial efficiency problem. Given the highly dynamic and wildly volatile nature of Container technology usage, tracking and reporting the true cost…

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Understanding kWAC

The Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC for short) is a 6fusion developed solution to effectively measure the amount of computing resources being used by quantifying how many computing resources are currently available, and how much is needed, as well as their cost of production. It works by comparing real time resource utilization against a fixed baseline…

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Better Business Control Through Effective Data Analysis

Information is everywhere, and knowing how to decipher between what’s useful and what isn’t is important. Being able to adeptly navigate and mine through relevant data requires the right team of analytics experts; whether they are internal or you align your organization with an external team that can help you, being on the same page…

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