6fusion believes that in the new “cloud enabled” world, IT Infrastructure is really no different than any other utility. Infrastructure – Computer, Network, and Storage are the raw materials input that digital businesses process into finished products – applications.

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6fusion created and patented the industry’s first standardized, vendor agnostic proxy value for IT capacity and consumption.

How It Works

The Workload Allocation Cube (or abbreviated as kWAC) works by comparing real time resource utilization (Workload) against a fixed baseline (Allocation) spanning six vectors (Cube) – CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk I/O, LAN I/O and WAN I/O.

Infrastructure costs ÷ 120 kWAC = $16.57 / kWAC

Unleash the kWAC in 5 steps:

  1. Initial data collection using 6fusion Meter.
  2. Establish cost baseline.
  3. Compare your data to market data.
  4. Indentify optimization strategies.
  5. Log into 6fusion and go!

Every utility we have ever known achieves scale adoption and market pervasiveness when consumption measurement standards emerge.  Ask yourself what bandwidth, electricity, and gasoline all have in common.  Answer: No matter where I go or where I am, I measure their consumption the same way, be it kWh, Mbps, or MPG.  Standardized consumption or capacity measurement is the foundation of any utility and the a basis of any business achieving measurable efficiency.

All Utitlities have one thing in common.

With the kWAC, 6fusion has developed the first truly standardized proxy value for consumption, enabling end users to measure their actual resource consumption across heterogeneous environments – in a vendor and technology agnostic manner, and make meaningful comparisons – in utilization rates, consumption patterns, and in cost per unit consumed.

This changes everything.

The kWAC enables a shift – a shift to a more educated buyer, with more tools to measure efficiency, improved cost understanding and allocation, and optimized planning tools that is radically improving the IT supply chain.

The kWAC standard is used to measure millions of machines world wide.

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