Consumption Financing & Billing

Consumption Financing and Billing services by 6fusion harnesses the power of the “utility” so buyers and sellers can transact traditional on premise IT infrastructure solutions in a neutral, standardized, “pay-as-you-consume” model underpinned by the same measure – the kWAC – consistent across IT Financial Analytics planning and cost allocation processes.

Consumption Financing : All The Benefits of Cloud Economics
Applied to your private Infrastructure.

6fusion pioneered an overhaul to traditional IT financial products and services with the idea of consumption based financing, upending the traditional IT hardware and software leasing business model. Based on the universal IT meter from 6fusion, powered by the kWAC standard unit of measurement, 6fusion enables customers to pay only for what they consume and suppliers to deliver their products and services in the market’s only true utility-style billing model.

CIO: OPEX isn’t just a cloud computing solution any more – get all the IT hardware and software your organization needs without breaking your budget.

CFO: Nobody owns anything in the digital economy – turn IT into a pure raw material into your COGS.

Procurement: Align how you purchase IT hardware and software with exactly how your business consumes it.

IT Operations: Hybrid IT isn’t just a technical term anymore – harmonize utilization reporting across all your execution venues.

IT Financial Managers: Consumption financing is the seam between how your company buys IT and how you quantify the value of IT to users.

Key Values

Cost Alignment
Align costs with actual use. If you use nothing, you pay nothing.
Price Index
Index your price per kWAC against leading cloud computing alternatives like AWS for built in financial decision support.
Detailed billing data reports that can integrate seamlessly with your internal chargeback policies.
Auditless Inspection
Multi-tenant platform access gives you auditless inspection of resource utilization, with no hidden data or end of month surprises.
Refresh IT
No costly buy back terms and no contract end dates to suit your own IT refresh schedule.
Technology Agnostic
6fusion consumption financing is open to any technology platform - there are no vendor constraints
Sample bank monthly invoice
Real time infrastructure utilization
Cloud cost indexing
Custom planning and right sizing analysis