New Delhi, August 19, 2015- 6fusion International today announced the formation of 6fusion Online India Pvt Ltd in conjunction with India Compute Interchange (ICIx), the financial marketplace for India to trade compute resources.

6fusion standardized the economic measurement of IT infrastructure and cloud services, which provides IT economic transparency to the global market. 6fusion’s technology, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) is the industry’s standard for IT economic measurement, allowing an “apples to apples” comparison regardless of technology, vendor, or platform.

With 6fusion’s UC6 Platform, organizations can view and manage the Total Cost of Consumption (TCC) of their business services in real time and achieve a higher level of cost optimization, forecasting accuracy and business agility.

The new company, 6fusion Online India Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, will be focused on servicing the needs of the growing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market in India and will enable Enterprise Organizations, Government Agencies, and Cloud Service Providers to take advantage of the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), to benchmark, measure and efficiently transact compute resource power in the Indian marketplace.

“We have only started to scratch the surface of the ‘Cloud’ in India” said ICIx Director, Hemal Mewada. “Benchmarking, measuring and eventually being able to transact IT Infrastructure in a transparent, open market is a reality and 6fusion Online India is the last piece of the puzzle needed to make India the envy of the digital world.”

“From an operations standpoint, with 6fusion Online India, ICIx has everything to help fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’ and, by assuring green power transactions, ‘Green India’,” he added.

Sahil Shah, 6fusion India Chief Operating Officer says, “6fusion Online India’s tools and technology, coupled with the capital efficiencies provided by ICIx, will help prepare the digital foundation for the future of India by providing an efficient marketplace for the cloud and its users.”

“We believe 6fusion Online India Pvt Ltd and ICIx in partnership will be instrumental in assisting Prime Minister Modi’s vision of being able to provide Compute Resources to every person in India as a utility,” he added.

About ICIx

ICIx, India Compute Interchange, is a new financial marketplace for Indian cloud service providers and enterprise organizations to trade compute resources. ICIx is a joint partnership between UCX, Universal Compute Exchange, and SCAD Consultants, India.

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About 6fusion

6fusion empowers the world’s largest companies to buy, operate, and sell IT as a Utility, bridging the gap between the traditional silos of Finance, Technology, and Operations. Our technology enables data driven IT Infrastructure decision making based on real-time consumption metrics, and creates IT Financial Intelligence using the power of data standardization.

The foundation of 6fusion’s platform is the patented Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC). The Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC) is the vendor agnostic, market standard unit of measurement for IT. It works by comparing realtime utilization (workload) against a fixed baseline (allocation) spanning six vectors (cube) - CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk i/o, LAN i/o, and WAN i/o.