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6fusion Brings IT Economic Insights to Switch SUPERNAP Customers in Industry-First Partnership

Switch SUPERNAP enterprise customers and cloud providers will have free access to 6fusion utility infrastructure metering platform

Raleigh, NC, and Las Vegas, NV – August 26, 2014 – 6fusion, the company enabling IT-as-a-Utility, today announced it has partnered with Switch SUPERNAP, the developer of the world-renowned SUPERNAP data centers. 6fusion’s technology and utility methodology will be integrated into the Switch SUPERNAP technology environment to provide SUPERNAP customers with groundbreaking cost transparency through 6fusion’s patented unit of measure, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC).

“6fusion and Switch SUPERNAP share a common mission of creating marketplaces and ecosystems that are transforming the dynamics around supply and demand for IT infrastructure in profound ways,” said John Cowan, 6fusion CEO and Co-Founder.

6fusion and Switch SUPERNAP will initially focus on enabling enterprise customers and cloud providers with unique economic transparency on infrastructure usage and cost efficiency. Enterprise IT organizations will use 6fusion technology to better understand their total cost of IT consumption and compare internal cost efficiency against best-of-breed public cloud operators inside SUPERNAP.

“The combination of SUPERNAP’s ultra-scale environment and 6fusion’s capability to measure and quantify IT infrastructure as a utility will deliver unmatched value to buyers and sellers in the industry,” said Jason Mendenhall, Switch SUPERNAP Executive Vice President of Cloud.

Cloud operators, on the other hand, will use 6fusion’s technology to facilitate an “apples-to-apples” transaction language with enterprise customers looking to leverage cloud resources.

Ultimately, Switch SUPERNAP and 6fusion will enable macro insight into IT infrastructure usage trends and patterns critical to business planning and operations.

The companies see the partnership forming a cornerstone in the enablement of the recently announced spot market for IaaS, for which the WAC will serve as the standard unit of measure for contracts and the 6fusion platform will track delivery of contracts between buyers and sellers.

“6fusion’s unique technology and vision for an open market combined with the depth and breadth of the Switch SUPERNAP ecosystem makes this partnership one to watch,” said William Fellows, Vice President 451 Research.