6fusion, the company delivering IT financial intelligence for the Enterprise market, is pleased to announce it’s new Advisory Group for IT Economic Benchmarking. The Advisory Group, launched at the TBM 2015 Conference in Chicago, is chartered with creating standard benchmarks for IT Economics that will enable critical transparency and market insight among Enterprise organizations adopting a utility approach to IT Financial Intelligence.

6fusion’s patented standard unit of measure, the Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC) will serve as the foundational measurement unit for benchmarking and consumption economics for Advisory Group member organizations.

The Advisory Group will be Co-Chaired by Richard Donaldson, Director Infrastructure Management & Operations, eBay, a key proponent of quantifying IT Economic Efficiency, and leading voice for industry standards and benchmarks to help Enterprise IT groups justify investment and demonstrate their value.

“Workloads are diverse but when expressed in a ‘common currency’ like the WAC we gain apples-to-apples comparability,” said Mr. Donaldson. “We are excited to work with the community to establish standardized benchmarks to enable us to compare ourselves against an important community like TBM."

The Advisory Group will be comprised of member companies and IT economics experts committed to moving beyond static IT Financial Management to the real-time dynamics of IT Financial Intelligence. Advisory Group membership fosters opportunities for members to connect with peers and work collectively to set the new global standard for IT efficiency benchmarking and to understand their organization’s financial picture in the context of a connected utility marketplace.

This initiative will be co-lead by Rob Bissett, Chief Product Strategy Officer, 6fusion and Richard Donaldson, Director Infrastructure Management & Operations, eBay.

To learn more about the Advisory Group, or to be considered for charter membership go to: http://www.6fusion.com/benchmarking.

For press inquires, please contact jgraham@6fusion.com

About 6fusion

6fusion empowers the world’s largest companies to buy, operate, and sell IT as a Utility, bridging the gap between the traditional silos of Finance, Technology, and Operations. Our technology enables data driven IT Infrastructure decision making based on real-time consumption metrics, and creates IT Financial Intelligence using the power of data standardization.

The foundation of 6fusion’s platform is the patented Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC). The Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC) is the vendor agnostic, market standard unit of measurement for IT. It works by comparing realtime utilization (workload) against a fixed baseline (allocation) spanning six vectors (cube) - CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk i/o, LAN i/o, and WAN i/o.