You can’t improve what
you can’t measure

Create a financial efficiency
baseline for IT

The modern IT lifecycle is not linear.
It is continuous.

Turn analysis into action
and operate IT like a real Utility.

Standardization is
the Mother of Efficiency

Discover your true cost of IT

6fusion technology enables a more efficient IT supply chain – from Sellers, to Buyers, to Operators

Modern IT delivery models, such as cloud computing, have made the IT supply chain woefully inefficient because traditional IT economics is broken. Linear TCO planning is evolving to become a cyclical, tightly connected ‘lifecycle’ and today’s modern IT services driven more by the need to understand “Total Cost of Consumption” (TCC).

About 6fusion

IT Financial

Our utility monitoring and analytics platform provide a standardized view into real-time organizational IT financial efficiency providing insight to drive improved operational efficiency, cost allocation, resource planning, and governance.

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6fusion powers the industry’s only true consumption financing solutions - providing true “pay as you consume” services that enable true fiscal flexibility alongside traditional on-premise control.

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Traditional IT asset disposition models typically yield very low return. LeveragIng 6fusion’s capital recovery system improves your ability to change directions mid lifecycle, or to improve your return on fully amortized assets.

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Online RequisIT Consumption Financing & Billing Meter - Universal IT Meter kWAC - Standard Unit of Measurement

Did You Know?

Customers want help in forecasting future usage so they have better capacity management

Forrester 2016

35% of cloud computing spend is wasted.

TBM 2016 Survey

78% of respondents admit they cannot accurately budget and forecast IT service demand costs.

Rightscale/IDC 2016